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                                        Levels of healing

     In the last time there was a lot of information about people who have healing abilities, ready on certain conditions to help in solving the most various problems – from the treatment of rhinitis until the return of the men in the family and getting rid of the "incurable diseases".
Of course, not all people use the services of healers. Someone visits them regularly, someone is drawn only one time in my life, someone never. Who knows, maybe You'll ever want to see a healer. Then You will help the information: what levels and types of healing exist, how it all works. Before you get to the point, I should add that we will discuss the functioning of the real healers, not charlatans, which are many. Immediately to distinguish real from fake healer can bitmaprect. Therefore, we should look at the fruits, the results of the work. It is advisable to talk to people who already visited the healer that You are going to go. And based on their words, their results to make a decision. Now let's cut to the chase.
To understand how the healer solves the problem, consider the mechanism of their occurrence. And you need to start with the basics.
This world was created by God. And the man too. God wants to see every person happy, strong, perfect. And the man himself wants the same. And in order to help someone, God has created spiritual laws are rules that you must follow in order to achieve these goals. If a person performs spiritual laws, a Higher Power have a positive impact, that he understood that doing the right thing, going in the right direction. If a person violates the laws, he gets the negative impact that he realized that was wrong and never did. These negative effects often it is a certain energy (karmic influence) that fits in any part of the person. And if she is there long – it leads to disease. This effect is the cause of the disease, and wet feet, etc. – is just the impetus, the reason for the manifestation of the problem (no need to be scared – the average person such impacts quite a lot, and there is nothing like the lives). To a Higher power took karmic effects, a person should understand where he was wrong, repent of it and, if necessary, to compensate for their bad deed. After all, punishment is necessary for human learning, and when violations are corrected, the reasons for the illness no longer remains. For example, if a person gets angry, the karmic effect is included in the region of the stomach. Go mad — it increases, and over time, the stomach starts to hurt. Learned to control emotions — the impact of the leaves, the disease too. Of course, there is a percentage of the diseases that have purely physiological causes, but it is very small. Most often disease associated with karmic influences. Considering this mechanism, you can move on to the description of the levels of healing.
The first level may be physiological, that is, treated the physical body of man. This type
healing can be attributed to "herbalists" treatment decoctions, lotions, etc., as well as traditional medicine. These healers do not affect the consciousness of man, his energy, they work exclusively with the body. At this level, even if you are able to cure the disease, karmic effects remains, and after some time the disease comes back or another appears. With this phenomenon many probably faced. It is clear that working with the investigation (the disease of the body), not the root cause of the disease (bad emotions), it is difficult to achieve high efficiency of healing. But as a temporary means, it undoubtedly works (though not always).
The second level of healing can be called the initial ritual or magic. A patient comes to a healer, and he spends some ritual – prayers, spells, incantations and so on. What happens? The healer refers to any Forces (angels, demons, spirits) that inhabited the subtle (energetic) world. These forces come in and help the patient to inhibit or compensate for karmic effects. And for a while the person receives relief. But if this did not fix the root cause and the person continues to behave properly, sooner or later the problem will return. In addition, a person becomes a debtor of these Forces, as they helped him. The saddest option is when the conversion comes to the dark Forces. They can really help take the disease, to return to the spouse, etc., but the payback will be very unpleasant. Can appear obsessive fears, the urge to suicide, loss of feelings to a loved one, serious illness. So if You are going to use the services of a ritual healer, it is very important to understand what forces he is working. It is important to know that not all ritual healers themselves understand what is happening in the course of their work, and sometimes a warning – "I will help You, but sick relative or pet dies". This occurs when the disease is transferred with the patient to someone else. Healers at this level can be distinguished from other large amount of paraphernalia that accompanies a magical ritual. It's candles, books, etc. In black magic – it can be daggers, powders, sacrificial animals. To find healers in this tier, easy ad type "Black and white magic", "will Remove the damage, evil eye, back the family of her husband".
The third level of healing – psychic. Such healers have psychic abilities, you see the karmic effects. Since these healers often don't know where they're from, their job is next. They see the impact that led to the illness and simply take it out of a person, or compensate for its impact with its energy. It gives temporary relief to man – the pain goes away. Of course, because people do not understand where violated spiritual laws, this will impact returns, and such healers often suffer and hurt, because interfering where not everyone understands. Externally, the job of the healers-psychics usually is passes hands or the laying on of hands and sore spots.
The fourth level of healing is spiritual. This is the most difficult and the most effective method, as been the root cause of the problem, i.e. the incorrect manifestations of a person as a spiritual healer can help in the solution of those problems which are not solved in another way. This, of course, he must have the knowledge of spiritual laws. The work of the healer is as follows. First, the patient talks about his problem. Healer communicating with the Higher powers, discovers the cause behind which violations of the laws people are punished. After that there is a conversation with a person – explaining to him where he was wrong: someone hurt, did not fulfill the promise, angry, etc. and if the person admits guilt, repents and is willing to be corrected – karmic effects goes: person is not for me to punish. The healer remains on the energetic level to restore the place where there was exposure to the disease is gone.
This kind of healing is the only one that has no side effects, because the issue is fixed in the root, not kompensiruet, either blocked or transferred, as occurs in other types of healing. The problem (disease) is eliminated by this method will not be refunded. The only case when it can return when the person again takes up the old, and then a Higher Power punishing him again. But it just depends on the person, and if he chooses to get angry, to fight, to hate, then no one will help him, or this will only delay the problem.
Therefore, in this type of healing to the patient must meet certain requirements. If other types of healing from the person you want to take pills and herbs or just sit quietly while the healer works, in the case of working with a spiritual healer, the patient need to be active. For example, the healer says, "I see a situation where You are greatly quarrel with some person. Around you, desks with computers and papers. I remember such a situation?". And the patient need to remember what it was. And he recalls that he recently really had a fight at work with a colleague. The healer continues: "that is the cause of the disease, given that it was not the first such situation. Now You need to understand that You were wrong, and more so not to do that." "How? – at first you might wonder the patient — after all, he started to yell at me for nothing". And then the healer to explain to the patient that get mad and yell it is wrong in any way that any conflict can be solved peacefully. If the patient will resist the "hands and feet" not to accept the truth, then the effect of the healing will be. If he accepts what he is told, right at the session with sufficient sensitivity, it can feel like something is happening in place of the disease – tingling, warmth, etc. – it is the recovery of energy and body. Therefore, if the patient is willing to revise their beliefs, change, spiritual healer, he can solve any problem – health, relationships, financial and others.

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