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Целитель. Ясновидение, яснослышание. Отвечаю на все вопросы.

The scope of counseling

- I need help! I don't want to be tired, I want to live a normal life!!!

- I want to be free, to stop being afraid, jealous, offended and hurt others, I want to find mutual understanding with people, to learn to forgive and to be forgiven;

- Become self-sufficient, samodisciplina, to become a person;

- To create a harmonious model your life, improve the work plan, or to change career, start a family, educate their children;

- To create a social status, image, beauty, appearance, character and speech;

- To reach a new level of personal development, well-being;

- Find inner grace to feel peace and kind thoughts in my head


Ready to help to be near you at the right moment, together with you to solve your problems and build a life.

As a healer core energetics, spend sessions rockinalone produce unlocking of small and major chakras by energiakaubandus. Put protection and am clean. Conduct healing through awareness. Connect to new light the pure flow of energy, knowledge, wealth.

As a clairvoyant, give the answers to all your questions related to you.


•••A practicing psychologist 
A psychologist is a specialist in psycho-diagnostics and psycho-correction, determination of level of intelligence, assessment of thinking, emotional state and personality of the person.

Consultation and counseling is required when: you experience a difficult situation in life, feelings of depression, emotional crisis or problems in the family.


Tool for asnosyme use your body (vision, "recollection in clairaudience", the smells, the motion/ pulse of energy in the body). Connect to the person's voice, energy, words, photos. 
I recommend after a session of clairvoyance, and after events - report on the result of clairvoyance. As used in part read info "from future contact with the client." In fact, it turns out that after the message information about the reliability of the event (e.g., Yes or No, the meeting so held.... And so on. ) sent by the client to the expert - is read in the present. If it is not informed, it may reduce the effectiveness of answer and the answer will be more probability on the decoding and interpretation of the visions from the expert. 

•••Spiritual healer level 4 
Do work with underlying issues (has no side effects, the problem is eliminated at the root, not kompensiruet, blocked or tolerated. The passage of the "life lessons" is not cancelled – pass with safety, by kind. Their goal is to help people "enter the mainstream"). In the process of recovering human energy, balanced mood, solving problems on all levels (relationships, family, career, health...), the transition to a new social and spiritual level (personal growth, deep vision of the environment, material goods. 

•••Core energetics 
Provide simple energotaktika for energy recovery (opening the chakras) in the body (akkumulyatsii – point tribute-Tien), which leads to filling the body and soul. Provide methods: Unilateral "communication Swisscom", the development of abilities (vision of the aura, the future...). In extreme cases, set PROTECTION, doing it, fix "energopotreblenie" (the body naturally bounces), heal by "rockonline" photos – while condition: after completion of the work with "protective psychological trauma" . More practice personally designed and tested. 


I conduct healing work with internal authorities of the physical body, skin diseases at the microscopic energozone. (authoring) 
Working with channels, meridians, points. (authoring) 
At the moment am testing on photography (online).... 


Make projections for all plans for individuals and companies. 
Give practical recommendations given from the above. Recognize situational signs, dreams, the astral – at a deep level. 


•My method of working is to give answers on all questions that concern YOU. 


My task is to teach people to remember your GIFT.
This gift is rare in our Universe, we have the ability to control the energy in your body, which will give the opportunity to do the unimaginable for our mind of things and actions.
It leads the way in two stages (for the layman), these stages are simple and effective, and result - health, harmony and clarity of mind.
Which also help:
1)to become IMMUNE to the "black" society
our society imposes on us a negative.thought-forms, filling us with fears that hurt ourselves, we begin to block communication with higher for their assistance to us.
2) management and knowing your body
Our body is like a fancy technique on autopilot, but we like the "dummies" climb into his mechanisms and break.
3) with the higher (hear our requests and quickly the help comes)
These processes in the future you will be able to develop yourself – without my help, training your body and feeling the exchange of energy. This is the penultimate stage in the development of personal growth. Until the help – I will be with you.
4) hearing my EXT.desires
And most importantly You begin to develop intuitive skills - You soon will know - what is the optimal choice to do in your life - using from buying bread to choosing halves, the purchase of real estate...
5).... for those who goes further...
For those who make their first conscious steps in the Astral (information, support, assistance and protection)

Today is money and material objects landed us so we broke away from the General collective consciousness, so We have the right to get positive emotions from the possession of facilities, the beauty and harmony in our homes (many people are afraid to be successful, considering that you do not have that right; I am ashamed to be wealthier than others; sin...). In the coming decades, our generation has the right to possess, but soon civilization will reach a level where money loses meaning, everything will be automated, children and adults are socially equal... and we will learn to live differently!

☺ Psychic expert can be compared with transport (bus, taxi, Elevator...) - which takes You to a certain point of spiritual and personal development...




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