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Brief description:

Gentle touch of consciousness to the body and energomaterialy for fixing the "beacon" and connect to channel light.

What gives a channel that surrounds the body force shield?

- inability loss things;

- reversal of fate for the young, who fell to the dark path and is ready to go straight to the light;

connection healing channel, removal of negative blocks, damage and the evil eye off. negative.channels;

- gives strength of spirit, perseverance, creating within the human body.body's;

 also fills the body of unrestrained power, if needed alergologie in the career ladder, opening a powerful monetary channel;

good for military, sportsmen, businessmen etc., for those who LEADER who used to win more or less honest way;

- also, this channel gives loyalty to all religions....their understanding, experiencing and acceptance...but not a slave entering into podagraria;

- perhaps one of the most important of this force, it is a COMPLETE AWARENESS of oneself in this reality, his actions, an expanded vision of the world, understanding people and as difficult as it is - the acceptance of others; 

- I should add, for those who go to the astral plane, who develops their ability for full opening of all abilities; 

- for those who are in old age these works guarantee the release of the soul to the light, to the highest emanations (Paradise), after leaving in that world.


Unlike Vedic protection, this channel is guaranteed to lead to the light in the world and allows karma to undergo the experience. And that will allow the shield to come into contact with different entities of different orders to produce the desired experience. 


The shield is suitable for all...he is intelligent, will be able to determine the age of a person and to give him the necessary...

for children's protection, straight road, health, and care experience;

- for young the direction of their energy in the right direction, to ispolneny true needs;

- for those who are in darkness, a ray of light that taking the hand gently brings to light;

- for elderly the removal of the fear of the inevitable, the path to the light.



This prayer can be given many names: the reversal of destiny, a beacon to higher, Healing Power


•How is the process of connecting humanity to a protective stream?

Previously still hold rigid cleaning of the body for 3 days (in order to be able to touch consciousness), for children and the elderly light weight.

My caring touch of consciousness to the physical body of your feet, knees, arms, head... will make a connection of Your physical body, astral, subtle bodies, the matrix of the soul into the cloud of light. Which will provide long-term protection waking or sleeping, in transit and at work, in fellowship and in solitude...

From aggressive people and "well-wishers", hablevych vampires, the entities of a low order. Protects against confusion and deterioration, will take the negative channels of your body, withdraw from emotional and physical abuse... In the hours of crisis and disasters will lead you to the light. Also in work I use a prayer-mantra. To protect it for many years,...

Of course, every year to recharge my body further; this is optional, please contact us, with pleasure will work. And so the protection is valid indefinitely...

Protection may be put on family, children, loved ones...It will automatically turn off the negative channel (Proclus.), output damage, inactivate the dark programs, removing the evil eye. It will be a natural and harmonious way ... in 1-2 months.

Will be a healing of the physical body and organs. The person will be given the choice to go on a light path each of us will make the right choice in healthy food, in choosing friends, a spouse in the house...will bring light into your soul and share it.


••• Amazing, isn't it, to stop being afraid of everything, for themselves, for loved ones, home and job, his country...

Many of us are exhausted from obsessive thoughts generated by fear and distrust of yourself, your essence. Mankind has long forgotten the feeling of real freedom, freedom in your head ... Certainly the mechanisms of "fear, anxiety, worry" will remain within us, but only as they should serve man, to be his tool, not a master. So, again, nothing can penetrate this defense, she nedopuskaet danger to humans.

Many entities from other worlds, the great powers are unable to overcome this barrier, but the protection you can get in touch with shield to entities of different orders...not the man nor the disasters have no control over who is connected to this source of light and goodness, who wields such power shield. spend work online us!


period of work: 3+5 days

the cost of works of$200


Requirements: needs full-length photo, with the visible crown and feet. The name and date of birth.

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